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Manufacturer and Supplier of of Brass Billets rods Copper alloy Extrusions, Brass Profile, Bronze Profile Section


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Zinc Billets

Zinc Billets

Zinc Billets are used for electroplating purposes and for the manufacturing of zinc ox

Melting Point
419.5 oC
Boiling Point
907 oC
Density @ 25oC
Thermal Conductivity
0.27cal/(s.cm. oC)
Specific Heat @ 25oC
Heat Of Fusion
Mohs Hardness @ 20oC

Uses for Zinc include: Steel Coating (Galvanising)Zinc will cathodicaly protect steel, Casting alloys ie Die casting, and Sacrificial anodes for use on ships, Tanks etc. Zinc SHG 99.99% pure available in small domes.


Manufactures copper alloy extrusions like extruded brass rod, profile, section, and imports zinc ingots, brass scrap, and copper scrap. copper alloy extrusions, extruded brass rod, extruded profile, extruded section, brass and copper scrap, zinc ingots, brass extrusions, rods, sections, profiles, honey scrap, buyer of scrap, birch copper scrap, copper scrap, Deep Recycling Industries, manufacturer, exporter, importer, scrap importer, jamnagar, india., We manufacture Brass Extrusions including extruded brass rods, extruded brass section, and extruded brass profiles in conformation to different standards like IS, BS, DIN, ASTM etc. These Brass Extrusions finds application in the manufacture of various items like Shafts, Lock bodies, Gears, Pinions, Automat parts, Screws, Nuts etc.


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Manufactures copper alloy extrusions like extruded brass rod, profile, section, and imports zinc ingots, brass scrap, and copper scrap.