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Manufacturer and Supplier of of Brass Billets rods Copper alloy Extrusions, Brass Profile, Bronze Profile Section


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Alloys and specifications click on International Standards Click here to view specifications of alloys manufactured by us.

Tubes are manufactured from our own high quality continuous cast mother tubes. Close tolerance both on size and quality, with maximum straightness are maintained. Tubes are available in straight length of 6 meters max and in coil form.

Size Range Outer Diameter-60 mm Max, 5 mm Min
Thickness- 5 mm Max, 0.5 mm Min

Wires & Fine Wires
All the wire rods are continuous cast with strict control on chemical composition. Wire rods are further drawn down to various sizes and tempers required with close tolerance. Maximum coil weight is 300 kgs, available in spools or coils.

Size Range
Max-12 mm
Min-0.2 mm

Rods are manufactured with minimum cambers and excellent surface finish.

Size Range
70 mm to 1 mm in straight length.

2/1 Brass 65.0-68.5 C2680 CW506L 2.028 IS2704
Common Brass 63.5-65.5 C2720 CW507L 2.0335 IS2704
Admirality Brass 70.0-72.5%Cu,9-13%Sn   CW706L    
Arsenical Brass 69..0-71.0%Cu,As,Zn Rem C4430 CW707L   IS-407
Cartridge Brass 69.0-71.0%Cu,Zn Rem C2600 CW505L 2.0265 IS-413
Tombac 79.0-81.0%Cu, O.3-0.5%Sn.zn C2400 CW503L 2.0250 IS10709
Red Brass 84.0-86.0%Cu, Zn Rem C2300 CW502L 2.0240  
Commercial Bronze 89.0-91.0%Cu,Zn Rem C2200 CW501 L 2.0230  
Phosphor Bronze 4% 3.5-5%8n, 0.01-0.40%P, Cu Rem C5110 CW450K 2..1016 IS-7608
Phosphor Bronze 5% 4.5-5.5% Sn, 0.01-40%P, Cu Rem C5100 CW451K   IS-7608
Phosphor Bronze 6% 5.5-7.0%Sn, 0.01-0.40%P, Cu Rem C5190 CW452K 2.1020 IS-7608
Phosphor Bronze 8% 7.5-8.5%Sn, O.20-0.40%P, Cu Rem C5210 CW459K 2.1010 IS-7608
Silicon Bronze 2.7-3.2%Si, 0.7-13%Mn, Cu Rem C6550 CW116C 2.1525  
Tellurium Copper 0.4-07% Te, Cu Rem C1450 CW118C 2.1546 IS-3863
E.C. Copper 99.95%Cu C1020 CW007 2.004 IS-191
D.H.P 99.90%Cu, P Rem C1220 CW024 IS-191  
Tin Bearing Copper  0.10-0.15%Sn, Cu Rem        
Silver Bearing Copper 0.06-0.08%Sn, Cu Rem CW015      

Manufactures copper alloy extrusions like extruded brass rod, profile, section, and imports zinc ingots, brass scrap, and copper scrap. copper alloy extrusions, extruded brass rod, extruded profile, extruded section, brass and copper scrap, zinc ingots, brass extrusions, rods, sections, profiles, honey scrap, buyer of scrap, birch copper scrap, copper scrap, Deep Recycling Industries, manufacturer, exporter, importer, scrap importer, jamnagar, india., We manufacture Brass Extrusions including extruded brass rods, extruded brass section, and extruded brass profiles in conformation to different standards like IS, BS, DIN, ASTM etc. These Brass Extrusions finds application in the manufacture of various items like Shafts, Lock bodies, Gears, Pinions, Automat parts, Screws, Nuts etc.

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Manufactures copper alloy extrusions like extruded brass rod, profile, section, and imports zinc ingots, brass scrap, and copper scrap.