honey scrap isri brass scrap turning ebony gun metal clean attached bronze aluminum graded popular brass scrap,

Manufacturer and Supplier of of Brass Billets rods Copper alloy Extrusions, Brass Profile, Bronze Profile Section


Copper Alloy Ingots
Brass Ingots
Bronze Ingots
Zinc Ingots
Lead Ingots


Copper Alloy Billets
Brass Billets
Bronze Billets
Zinc Billets

Rods / Bars

Copper Alloy Rods / Bars
Brass Rods / Bars
Bronze Bars / Rods


Copper Alloy Profile
Brass Profile
Bronze Profile

Pipes / Tubes

Copper Alloy Pipes / Tubes
Brass Pipes / Tubes
Bronze Pipes / Tubes

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Copper Scrap
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Brass Scrap

Brass Scrap Turnings
Brass Scrap Turnings
Brass Scrap as per ISRI ‘Honey’
Brass Scrap as per ISRI ‘Honey’
Brass Scrap Turnings
Brass Scrap as per ISRI ‘Ebony’
Brass Scrap Turnings
Brass Scrap as per ISRI ‘Ebony’
Brass Pallu
Brass Pallu



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Manufactures copper alloy extrusions like extruded brass rod, profile, section, and imports zinc ingots, brass scrap, and copper scrap.
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