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Manufacturer and Supplier of of Brass Billets rods Copper alloy Extrusions, Brass Profile, Bronze Profile Section

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Direction Extrusion Process

How We Do It :: Extrusion Department


In this process, cast blocks are heated to very high temperatures, and then hot worked directly into much smaller products by high pressure hydraulic presses. Cutting, cleaning and marking operations result in semifinished products ready for further processing.

Prepping the Billets

The Extrusion Department in billets and blocks from Casting as well as outside suppliers for special high copper alloys. Billets are cut to length and loaded into the Elhaus block heater furnace which raises the temperature up to the hot working temperature .

With "direct" extrusion, the heated block is placed in the container, the die in the front and a donut shaped dummy block in the back. The hollow press ram squeezes the block tight to the die and the mandrel pierces the block, followed by extrusion of a tube shell.

Heating is by Induction heaters that raise the block temperature to 900 C in 10-12 minutes. As-extruded tubes are trimmed and pickled clean before further processing.

High copper alloys -
Electrolytic Copper, Oxygen Free Copper, DHP Copper, Silver Bearing Copper Tin Bearing Copper, Silicon Bronze and Tellurium Copper

Brass -
( Copper Zinc Alloys ) - Yellow Brass(65:35), Cartridge Brass (70:30), Admirality Brass, Tombac(80:20), Red Brass (85:15), Commercial Brass (87:13), Admirality Brass
Arsenical Brass.

Phosphor Bronze -
(Copper Tin Alloys)- Tin from 1%-8%, Balance-copper, Leaded Phosphor Bronze.

Nickel Silver -
(Copper, Nickel & Zinc Alloy) 6%,10%,12% Nickel, 65% Copper, Balance-Zinc
Other Special Alloys on Request.

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Manufactures copper alloy extrusions like extruded brass rod, profile, section, and imports zinc ingots, brass scrap, and copper scrap.